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Help/How to Document for the website

This document is an information on how to host your website, wordpress, email and other contents using

Main steps required are as under:

  • > Search the required domain name.
  • > Add the domain name to CART.
  • > Select the required Hosting Package and add to CART.
  • > Checkout from the CART and pay with the required payment gateway.
  • > Create the control panel username/password to login to control panel.
  • > You are ready for Hosting.

Open any browser and go to the website
In the search box type your desired domain name and click on search button or press the "enter" button on the keyboard.
This will search and display the details about the domain name searched.
Click on "add to Cart" , the item will be added to the cart.
This also gives several other options with different domain names, tlds/ extensions.
Now go to cart, click on checkout and complete the required steps.
Once payment is done, domain will beregistered automatically.

There are several ways to login on the website, most common way is through Google and twitter.
Other email addresses can also be used, but we encourage people to use Google or Twitter.
Google helps you maintain your account secure and healthy. With google noone will be able to use or change your password for usage on this website, so this gives you better control.

Go to the hosting section on the website and choose your required package. Each package has its details listed.
Click on Select button.
The package will be added to the cart. From cart, click checkout. On checkout pay the required amount.
Then go to the configuration tab and click on hosting. This will list all your hosting package list.
Now choose one and configure the new login details to access the control panel. On submit this creates a control panel account and creates hosting space for the domain on server.

On the website go to the configuration tab and click on hosting.
This will list all your hosting packages list.
Now choose one package to configure, this will ask you to create a user name and password to access the control panel.
On submit this creates a control panel account and creates hosting space for the domain on server.

On the website find the user name on the right top corner, click on profile, this displays the control panel url.
If you are unable to find any, please try Control Panel (

Currently we support Stripe for all countries and PayPal in some countries where PayPal payment is allowed.
The payment method supported will be displayed on your checkout page.

Yes, we provide free web hosting without any credit card or financial information asked.
You can use our services happily on the availablity basis for years.
You will be happy to know that several of our customers are using our free services from long time, and they are saving good amount of money.

Summarily: 1GB SSD storage, VPS cloud, deployed on minimum of 8GB RAM, free SSL certificate & free Database to list a few.
For more details visit our hosting plan page to find the latest updates.

Yes, we think that every website should have a basic security.Therefore, we provide SSL certificate through Lets Encrypt.

Other certificates are also available.

Create the required email address from the control panel.

Create email and password to login to the inbox.
Open the url: webmail.<> and login with your email address and password. This will open your inbox.
Enjoy the email services.

All domain names are supported at the

Visit your domain name provided and set the DNS record type A , this requires the IP of your host from
If you have any issue in getting the IP from your profile, get in touch with our support team for the same.
On your domain name service provider follow their steps to set the TYPE A record to point to our VPS server where you will be hosting your website.

Follow the link to set the DNS step by step for

DNS setting documentation

Follow the link to check the dns record, on the page you need to provide the domain record name and what type of value you want to check.
This is one of the fastes services you will observe for DNS checker. The DNS checker will also display the exact value that is registered on servers for DNS resolution. Put domain name = Type = either of A, TXT, NS, MX or anything else you wanted to check.
Check DNS propagation online.

If you have a query like what is my dns? resolve my dns? check my dns or DNS propagation checker, this is the online resource that will help you.

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